Your hunting will be done in the remote Zambezi Delta 40 minute flight north of Beira.  This vast area consist of more than 100 000 hectares of marsh and forest areas that host various game species included plains game, huge herds of buffalo as well as elephant, crocodiles and hippo’s.

In the forest you will find from the small blue & red duiker, suni and oribi’s to leopard and other large game species. Its a hunters paradise.

Your journey will include your incoming flight to OR Tambo (South Africa).

An airlink to Beira where you’ll go through customs and immigration where you’ll be met and receive your hunting licence  and rifle permits.

Most of the hunting will be done in the marsh areas, with ARCO’s (amphibian vehicles). Only the final approach will be done on foot

Mainly small species are hunted in the forest areas.

Hippo and crocodile hunting are mainly done in the marsh and Zambezi River area by boat.

If you are looking for your own piece of paradise, for a part of
truly unspoiled and unfenced wilderness in one of the last really
wild places in Africa ..: look no further!

Mazeze Safaris
The Niassa Reserve in the north of Mozambique is a vast wilderness of miombo
woodland, plains and Inselbergs (granite mountains) and many rivers of which 2
are perennial and form the boundaries of the Reserve: the Rovuma in the North
bordering Tanzania, and the Lugenda in the South and West
The total area of the Reserve is 42.000 km², making it the country’s largest
conservation area and the third largest protected area in Africa (twice the size of
the Kruger National Park in South Africa).
It is home to vast herds of elephant, buffalo and sable and healthy numbers of
eland, zebra, hartebeest, reedbuck, waterbuck, kudu and bushbuck are found in
the area. It contains a large population of the wild dogs and the even rarer Niassa
Wildebeest is endemic to the area.
Leopards are prolific and the lion population is very healthy.

R3 is the area Mazeze has leased for 25 years (15 years plus 10 renewable),
starting in 2011. The only outfitter – together with the Rothschild group – to have
secured a long term lease that has been ratified by the Mozambique council of
ministers for a hunting operation within the core area of the original Reserve
boundaries. Other hunting areas traditionally are in the so-called ‘buffer’ zones
bordering the original national declared boundaries.
R3 stretches in the North along 55 km of the Rovuma River and points from
there like a triangle deep into the Reserve, thus containing different types of land
and vegetation within its borders. When Mazeze started in 2009 it was virgin
ground. Now the area harbors camps, roads and airstrips. However vast tracts
are still unexplored.

Mazeze (formerly Luambeze) Safaris was started by Jamie Wilson, a
professional hunter/entrepreneur from Zambia and Gonzalo Banus, a
entrepreneur from Spain.
Jamie started his hunting career at 17, owning a hunting enterprise and
employing professional hunters, whilst following his own training of 5 years and
subsequent apprenticeship to become a fully licensed PH. During his Zambian
years he also obtained his commercial pilot license.

Novajo 325

After the Zambian government ‘re-distributed’ hunting areas to companies with
‘close’ ties to the government, Jamie decided to leave the country and go to
Mozambique to start new ventures.
Jamie was one of the first hunters in Mozambique after the war and certainly the
first in Niassa Reserve. He founded the original Kambako and also Luwire for
Rani, building and running the hunting operations of 4 camps and managed and
flew the airplanes of the company.
Compairing hunting in Niassa to hunting in Zambia, Zimbabwe or South Africa,
Jamie says: “It is the best of all hunting areas combined, both in species and
habitat. It is the Luangwa and Kafue rolled in one. There are thickets, mountains,
open plains and the impressive rivers feeding the land. And all the game occurs
naturally. Niassa has not been tampered with, rehabilitated, restocked: it has
been like this since the beginning of time and even the civil war at the time
hardly made a dent in the animal population, mainly due to its remoteness”
In 2008 Jamie’s vast experience and excellent track record won him the rights for
the first area within the Reserve released for hunting: R3 and R2. This later
developed into a full 25 year contract awarded to Mazeze for R3 (having not
tendered for R2) after winning the process from some serious competition.
R3 is now a fully functional hunting company with lodges, camps, airstrips and
many clients as references with some record trophies being harvested.

Buffalo Bulls in R3

In 2014 Mazeze Safaris consists of a comfortable main camp on the Rovuma
River and a more rustic camp on the Chulezi river, deep inland and a 2 hours
drive from main camp. The plan is to build a tented camp on ‘the green plains’ as
we call them: a park like area with water all year ‘round and vast herds of plains
There are about 20 people working for Mazeze, ranging from kitchen staff to
skinners, scouts and trackers. Most of these are seasonal workers on contract
from beginning June to end November, our hunting season.
On land we have 2 Landcruisers for hunting, 1 for transport, a 4 x 4 truck (Tata),
a Fiat Kobelco bulldozer and John Deer 4×4 tractor.
In the air we fly our clients into the area with our fast and comfortable Navajo
325 and we patrol it with 2 ultralights: a Bantam and the newer model: the
Bathawk .
There are 2 large airstrips – one by main camp and one in the west of the
concession – and a smaller one to land the Bantam close to fly camp.